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Prime Minister David Cameron has said the masked jihadi pictured holding a knife to James Foley's throat is likely British, and linguists say his accent suggests he is from the London area. Associated Press
James Foley killing: Identifying the British-accented man in black

Police and intelligence services in Britain and the U.S. have plenty of clues as they scramble to identify the militant in the James Foley beheading video, from image analysis and voice-recognition software to social media postings.

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  • Syphilis cases continue to rise in Vancouver - 2014-08-21 10:46 AM

    VANCOUVER - Syphilis rates continue to soar in Vancouver, prompting the latest warning for gay and bisexual men to get tested for the sexually transmitted disease.

  • Statistics Canada says crop production down - 2014-08-21 10:41 AM

    OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says it doesn't look like Canadian farmers will be reaping another record crop this year.

  • Long, fast swims could be fatal for salmon - 2014-08-21 10:39 AM

    VANCOUVER - Reaching spawning grounds is hard work for salmon and researchers from the University of British Columbia say fish forced to "sprint" through fast-moving water or other obstacles can suffer heart attacks.

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  • Fighting in Ukraine as aid convoy reaches customsFighting in Ukraine as aid convoy reaches customs

    KYIV, Ukraine - Parts of eastern Ukraine were wracked by fierce fighting Thursday as government troops sought to snatch back territory from separatist rebels, while a Russian aid convoy to the hard-hit city of Luhansk began to make tentative steps toward its destination.

  • 2 American Ebola patients released from hospital2 American Ebola patients released from hospital

    ATLANTA - The two American aid workers who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa have been discharged from an Atlanta hospital, after nearly three weeks of treatment, officials said Thursday.

  • US diplomats barred from ice bucket challengeUS diplomats barred from ice bucket challenge

    WASHINGTON - The charity stunt has lured athletes, celebrities, politicians and rock stars and gone viral on the Internet, but don't look for U.S. diplomats to get in on the fun.

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The RomCom is back. The genre had become a box office bomb. Now, it's being repackaged for TV as the journey of a relationship, rather than the happy ending. Could this save the romantic comedy?

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    Yes, this is a perfect TV genre
    122 votes
    32 %
    Nothing can or should save the RomCom genre
    479 votes
    10 %
    Just keep Matthew McConaughey away from the set
    158 votes
    6 %
    Just make sure Matthew McConaughey is the star
    92 votes
    6 %
    RomCom has always been my favourite genre
    92 votes
    38 %
    I don't know
    566 votes

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