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  • Quebec inquiry back from summer break - 2014-09-02 2:00 AM

    MONTREAL - A powerful former construction magnate could finally take the stand when Quebec's corruption inquiry returns today from its summer break.

  • Back to school to find a treatment for cancer - 2014-09-02 1:00 AM

    EDMONTON - Powel Crosley was lost after his wife died of a rare form of ovarian cancer.

  • B.C.'s public school students locked out of class - 2014-09-02 1:00 AM

    VANCOUVER - It's back to class today for students across most of Canada — the exception being British Columbia where the teacher's strike will extend the summer vacations of some half a million public school kids.

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Designed to simulate smoking, electronic cigarettes continue to be caught up in possible regulations and restrictions. Do you think they should be treated the same as cigarettes?

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    40 %
    No. They came into existence for a reason – to be a less harmful alternative to smoking.
    1,144 votes
    50 %
    Yes. A cigarette is a cigarette whether it’s a vaporized version or not.
    1,430 votes
    9 %
    Not sure.
    271 votes
    1 %
    41 votes

Total Responses: 2,886
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