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  • Harper on Sotloff: 'barbaric, unacceptable'Harper on Sotloff: 'barbaric, unacceptable' - 2014-09-02 1:47 PM

    LONDON - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in the U.K. in advance of a NATO summit in Wales later this week — and tweeting about reports of another beheading in Iraq.

  • Khadr gets new chance to press $20M lawsuit - 2014-09-02 1:42 PM

    TORONTO - Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr tries again Wednesday to expand his civil lawsuit against the federal government to include a claim that Canada conspired with the United States for what he says was the abuse of his rights and torture.

  • Rehearsals begin for Rob Ford musicalRehearsals begin for Rob Ford musical - 2014-09-02 1:28 PM

    TORONTO - A new musical comedy about Toronto's embattled mayor doesn't open until the middle of the month, but the Saskatchewan actor who plays the lead role in the show says some people are already giving him "heck" thinking he's the "real" Rob Ford.

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  • PG&E penalized $1.4B for deadly pipeline blast

    SAN FRANCISCO - California regulatory judges issued a $1.4 billion penalty on Tuesday against the state's largest utility for a lethal 2010 gas pipeline explosion that engulfed a suburban San Francisco neighbourhood in flames, killing eight people and prompting national alerts about the oversight of aging pipelines.

  • Norwegian sails into luxury with Prestige purchaseNorwegian sails into luxury with Prestige purchase

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - Norwegian Cruise Line is sailing into the luxury sector by buying the high-end Prestige Cruises International in a deal valued at about $3 billion, including debt.

  • Apple acknowledges some celebrity info compromised

    SAN FRANCISCO - Apple is acknowledging that computer hackers broke into the accounts of several celebrities to steal personal photos that have been posted online, a security breakdown that the iPhone maker blamed on the intruders' ability to figure out passwords and bypass other safeguards.

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