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  • More than a thousand people jammed the CBC Plaza for a rally and march in support of global action on climate change in advance of a UN summit Tuesday. Jeff Harrington CBCUN Climate Summit: Vancouver joins thousands in worldwide rallies - 2014-09-21 5:28 PM

    More than 1,000 Vancouverites filled the CBC Plaza, joining hundreds of thousands more around the world as 125 world leaders prepare to converge Tuesday on New York City in an historic UN summit on climate change.

  • An intense low pressure system is making it's way north east ans is expected to bring heavy rain and strong wind guts to much of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. www.accuweather.comWind, rainfall warnings blanket Atlantic coastline - 2014-09-21 9:55 AM

    Atlantic Canadians in coastal Newfoundland, southern Labrador and the southern half of Nova Scotia are under wind and rainfall warnings as an intense low pressure system tracks towards the provinces.

  • Lori Hewett worked as a massage therapist on Quadra Island until too many of her clients moved across the channel to Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. The BC Ferries fare she has been paying to reach her clients is too much for her budget, and now she's trying to sell her home to move off Quadra for her work. CBCBC Ferries fare hikes forcing some to rethink island work, life - 2014-09-21 2:27 PM

    Complaining about BC Ferries is almost part of the culture along B.C.'s coastal islands and waterways, but constant fare hikes are wearing on the island way of life — and the Union of B.C. Municipalities says it has proof of the economic toll it's taking.

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  • Canadians in global climate protest in NYCCanadians in global climate protest in NYC - 2014-09-21 4:22 PM

    NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - A contingent of Canadians — some bearing anti-oilsands placards — were among the lively crowd of thousands of demonstrators who marched through New York City on Sunday to demand action on climate change.

  • Teen still sells pop, but off school propertyTeen still sells pop, but off school property - 2014-09-21 2:56 PM

    LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - An Alberta teenager who was suspended for selling pop from his locker says he's still selling soda, just not on school property where sales of the sugary drinks aren't allowed.

  • Plan to revoke passports raises concernsPlan to revoke passports raises concerns - 2014-09-21 2:25 PM

    MONTREAL - A human rights lawyer is raising concern about the federal government's plan to strip Canadian passports of those suspected of travelling abroad to join extremist groups.

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