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  • Liberals want ethics probe re-openedLiberals want ethics probe re-opened - 2014-07-23 9:39 AM

    OTTAWA - The Liberals called on the federal ethics watchdog to re-open her investigation into the Senate expense scandal on Wednesday, a scenario Mary Dawson's office suggested wasn't on the immediate horizon.

  • Firms fined for violating telemarketing rules - 2014-07-23 9:25 AM

    OTTAWA - Canada's telecom regulator says it has taken action against four Toronto-area home-improvement companies for alleged violations of the telemarketing rules.

  • Economy gets needed lift from consumersEconomy gets needed lift from consumers - 2014-07-23 8:57 AM

    OTTAWA - A strong retail sales report for May suggests the Canadian economy has recovered from a winter hiccup and is returning to above two per cent growth.

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  • Death sentence given in AP photographer's killingDeath sentence given in AP photographer's killing

    KABUL - A Kabul court announced Wednesday that the Afghan police officer charged with killing Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus and wounding veteran AP correspondent Kathy Gannon has been convicted and sentenced to death.

  • US pushes for truce as Gaza battle ragesUS pushes for truce as Gaza battle rages

    GAZA, Palestine - Israeli troops battled Hamas militants on Wednesday near a southern Gaza Strip town as the top U.S. diplomat reported progress in efforts to end fighting that has so far killed more than 680 Palestinians and 34 Israelis.

  • Couple marries in Omaha's largest cemetery

    OMAHA, Neb. - A Nebraska couple chose an unusual venue for their wedding: the largest cemetery in Omaha.

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