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Pro-Russian separatists walk at a destroyed war memorial on Savur-Mohyla, a hill east of the city of Donetsk, August 28, 2014. REUTERS Maxim Shemetov  UKRAINE - Tags: POLITICS CONFLICT  - RTR445OL Maxim Shemetov Reuters
Ukraine crisis: Why the U.S. avoids calling Russia's actions an 'invasion'

U.S. President Barack Obama treaded carefully when asked whether Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine should be considered an invasion, an indication of how the White House continues to judiciously avoid the use of the word fearing its geo-political ramifications.

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  • Proposed laws could dampen sales of e-cigsProposed laws could dampen sales of e-cigs - 2014-08-30 7:00 AM

    Designed to simulate smoking, electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity but uncertainty over possible Health Canada regulations and restrictions by other regulators are raising concerns for the industry in Canada.

  • Doctor helping to develop surgery black boxDoctor helping to develop surgery black box - 2014-08-30 7:00 AM

    TORONTO - A Toronto surgeon who is working to adapt black box aviation technology to track surgeries and improve patient outcomes says preliminary results are promising.

  • Aboriginal recruits face culture shock: study - 2014-08-30 4:00 AM

    OTTAWA - The move from small and isolated communities to larger urban centres can be quite jarring for aboriginals who join the Canadian Armed Forces, says a newly released document.

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  • EU inches toward new sanctions on RussiaEU inches toward new sanctions on Russia

    BRUSSELS - The European Union on Saturday warned that the apparent incursion of Russian troops on Ukrainian soil pushes the conflict closer to a point of no return, with new economic sanctions being drawn up to make Moscow reconsider its position.

  • Study: Novel heart failure drug shows big promiseStudy: Novel heart failure drug shows big promise

    A new study reports one of the biggest potential advances against heart failure in more than a decade — a first-of-a-kind, experimental drug that lowered the chances of death or hospitalization by about 20 per cent.

  • Dog turns on stove, which then sets laptop ablaze

    LACEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Police say a New Jersey family's dog turned on the stove, which caught the laptop resting on the burner on fire and sent smoke through the roof.

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Designed to simulate smoking, electronic cigarettes continue to be caught up in possible regulations and restrictions. Do you think they should be treated the same as cigarettes?

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    48 %
    No. They came into existence for a reason – to be a less harmful alternative to smoking.
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    Yes. A cigarette is a cigarette whether it’s a vaporized version or not.
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    Not sure.
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