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  • Canada pondering pot options: justice ministerCanada pondering pot options: justice minister - 2014-08-19 9:48 PM

    VANCOUVER - The federal government is still assessing whether to allow police to ticket people caught with small amounts of marijuana instead of pursuing charges, says Justice Minister Peter MacKay.

  • Trudeau draws crowd at Edmonton rally - 2014-08-19 9:26 PM

    EDMONTON - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau paid tribute to what he called Alberta's "entrepreneurial spirit" as he took the stage during a rally Tuesday night in a downtown Edmonton park.

  • Aboriginal girl's death renews calls for inquiryAboriginal girl's death renews calls for inquiry - 2014-08-19 8:22 PM

    WINNIPEG - The death of a 15-year-old aboriginal girl found wrapped in a bag and dumped in the Red River is prompting renewed calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

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The RomCom is back. The genre had become a box office bomb. Now, it's being repackaged for TV as the journey of a relationship, rather than the happy ending. Could this save the romantic comedy?

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    Yes, this is a perfect TV genre
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    Nothing can or should save the RomCom genre
    324 votes
    9 %
    Just keep Matthew McConaughey away from the set
    87 votes
    5 %
    Just make sure Matthew McConaughey is the star
    55 votes
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    RomCom has always been my favourite genre
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    I don't know
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