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  • Watch for exported MERS cases, WHO warns - 2014-04-24 9:49 PM

    TORONTO - Countries should be on the lookout for cases of MERS in people returning from Middle Eastern countries affected by the virus, the World Health Organization said Thursday in an updated risk assessment of the new coronavirus.

  • Kenney blinks on temporary foreign workers - 2014-04-24 8:20 PM

    OTTAWA - Amid a roar of criticism, Employment Minister Jason Kenney took action Thursday against the government's scandal-ridden temporary foreign worker program by banning restaurants from accessing it.

  • Police chief knows father of murder victim - 2014-04-24 6:58 PM

    ESTEVAN, Sask. - The new police chief in Estevan, Sask., says he used to work alongside the father of a young woman whose slaying his department is now investigating.

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  • Seabed search for missing Malaysian jet to widen

    CANBERRA, Australia - The seabed search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is set to widen as a sonar scan of the most likely crash site deep beneath the Indian Ocean nears completion without yielding a single clue, authorities said on Friday.

  • US unwilling to give up Mideast peace process yetUS unwilling to give up Mideast peace process yet

    WASHINGTON - The suspension of peace talks between Israel and Palestinians delivered the harshest blow yet to Secretary of State John Kerry's ambitious, if perhaps quixotic, hope of ending the decades-long impasse at the cost of focusing on other crises around the world. But Kerry refused to accept defeat, saying "we will never give up our hope or our commitment for the possibilities" of Mideast peace.

  • Obama to Russia: More sanctions are 'teed up'

    TOKYO - President Barack Obama, accusing Russia of failing to live up to its commitments, has warned Moscow that the United States has another round of economic sanctions "teed up" — even as he acknowledged those penalties may do little to influence Vladimir Putin's handling of the crisis in Ukraine.

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The Calgary stabbing suspect has been ordered to undergo assessment to determine whether he is mentally fit to stand trial. Do you think this fitness test is necessary?

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    38 %
    Yes, a trial is worth it only if the suspect is in the right state of mind
    1,552 votes
    58 %
    No, a murder is a murder and anyone involved should stand trial regardless of their mental condition
    2,380 votes
    2 %
    102 votes
    2 %
    I don't know
    83 votes

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