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A child looks at a man suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus, while holding his hand over his nose, in a main street and busy part in Monrovia, Liberia, Sept. 12. Abbas Dulleh Associated Press
Worst-ever Ebola outbreak getting even worse: By the numbers

As U.S. President Obama prepares to announce a major ramping up of medical assistance to West Africa, here's a look at the numbers about the worsening Ebola epidemic. CBC News will cover the announcement live at 4 p.m. ET.

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  • Magnotta jury selection set to begin Tuesday - 2014-09-16 12:53 AM

    MONTREAL - Jury selection is set to begin Tuesday in the first-degree murder trial of Luka Rocco Magnotta.

  • Wind Mobile gets new financial backers - 2014-09-16 12:00 AM

    TORONTO - An investment group that includes Wind Mobile founder Tony Lacavera and Canadian private equity firm West Face Capital has a tentative deal to buy out Wind's majority shareholder, VimpelCom Ltd., a Russian-Dutch company that has been trying to exit the Canadian market since it was blocked from gaining full ownership of the small wireless carrier last year.

  • Hitchcock movie affects vegetative patientHitchcock movie affects vegetative patient - 2014-09-15 2:21 PM

    A group of Canadian neuroscientists say they have successfully used a suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock movie to record the conscious experiences of a patient who has been in a vegetative state for 16 years.

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  • Iraq officials: Premier has chosen final ministers

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi lawmakers say the country's prime minister has made his decision on the remaining posts in his Cabinet, including the critical positions of interior minister and defence minister.

  • Afghan suicide bomber kills 3 foreign troopsAfghan suicide bomber kills 3 foreign troops

    KABUL - A Taliban attacker detonated his car bomb next to an international military convoy on Tuesday, killing three troops from the NATO-led force and wounding nearly 20 troops and civilians, officials said.

  • 2 killed in pileup on mist-shrouded Dutch road

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Emergency services say two people have been killed and an unknown number injured in a pileup at least 150 cars and trucks on a Dutch highway shrouded in thick mist.

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