Jail sex video scandal spurs 6 suspensions

Six of the seven men who allegedly watched on a security camera monitor while two women engaged in sex in a Kamloops, B.C., jail cell have been suspended.

The RCMP said Wednesday that three officers have been suspended with pay, while the fourth will learn his status soon.

The City of Kamloops suspended two jail guards and a watch clerk.

In a news release issued on Tuesday, the RCMP alleged that, for seven minutes on Aug. 18, four RCMP officers, two civilian cell guards and the civilian watch clerk — all of them men — watched the two women engage in what appeared to be consensual sex without intervening.

The women had been arrested in two unrelated incidents for causing a disturbance and being drunk in public and were being held in a cell that is monitored by closed-circuit video.

Police later said they believed at least one of the women was too intoxicated to legally consent to sex, and the officers had a duty to ensure the women came to no harm while they were in custody.