Brenda Martin, once jailed in Mexico for fraud, arrested in Trenton, Ont.

FILE--Brenda Martin arrives at her mother's home in Trenton, Ontario Friday May 9, 2008. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

NAPANEE, Ont. - A Trenton, Ont., woman who spent two years in a Mexican prison until her release in May, 2008, is back behind bars.

Brenda Martin was arrested Thursday night in Trenton and is being held in Napanee, Ont., after police responded to an incident regarding an intoxicated woman

The 53-year-old woman was arrested in an apartment building's common area and is being held for a parole board hearing.

Martin garnered national attention when she was imprisoned in Mexico for two years for her alleged role in a fraud scheme.

In early December, the National Parole Board slapped tighter restrictions on Martin for "excessive alcohol consumption."'

She was ordered to attend psychological counselling, stay out of drinking establishments and abstain from drinking. Martin's prison sentence expires in February, 2011.