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  • Montreal bar makes amends after homophobia charge - 2014-09-01 3:16 PM

    MONTREAL - A Quebec student association which had accused a popular Montreal bar of homophobia says it's satisfied with the response from the owner.

  • B.C. daycares swamped because of teachers' strike - 2014-09-01 3:12 PM

    VANCOUVER - Daycare operators in British Columbia are scrambling to keep up with increased demand for child support as more parents need places to babysit their kids because schools will not open.

  • Quebec elementary school bans homeworkQuebec elementary school bans homework - 2014-09-01 1:10 PM

    MONTREAL - Students at a Quebec elementary school may be some of the happiest in the country as they prepare for another year in the classroom.

  • Thousands turn out for Labour Day ParadeThousands turn out for Labour Day Parade - 2014-09-01 1:05 PM

    TORONTO - Thousands of people marched Monday in Toronto's annual Labour Day Parade to show their support for local unions, with more than 30 labour organizations taking part in the festivities.

  • Think-tank gets CRA audit because of 'bias'Think-tank gets CRA audit because of 'bias' - 2014-09-01 10:58 AM

    OTTAWA - A left-leaning think-tank was targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency for a political-activities audit last fall partly because the research and education material on its website appears to be "biased" and "one-sided."

  • What the U.S. wants on BMD: Arctic sensorsWhat the U.S. wants on BMD: Arctic sensors - 2014-09-01 10:34 AM

    PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - American military officials have shed some light on what Canada could contribute to the missile-defence program should it choose to join after a decade spent on the sidelines.

  • Annaleise Carr finishes swim across Lake ErieAnnaleise Carr finishes swim across Lake Erie - 2014-09-01 10:27 AM

    PORT DOVER, Ont. - Sixteen-year-old Annaleise Carr completed her marathon swim across Lake Erie on Monday after returning to the water overnight to finish the exhausting final leg of her journey.

  • A chronology of the right-to-die debate - 2014-09-01 10:00 AM

    A chronology of the major events in the right-to-die debate:

  • B.C. woman's public plea for right to dieB.C. woman's public plea for right to die - 2014-09-01 9:58 AM

    VANCOUVER - Gillian Bennett's family scattered her ashes this weekend, in a quiet ritual shared by those she loved.

  • Some of the marathon swims this summer - 2014-09-01 9:55 AM

    Teen swimmer Annaleise Carr swam from Long Point to Port Dover today in order to finish the mammoth swim she started in July. Here are some of the marathon swims that have taken place across Canada this summer:

  • Defence cuts swell to $2.7 billion - 2014-09-01 9:42 AM

    OTTAWA - Stephen Harper has been one of the toughest-talking leaders throughout the Ukraine crisis, yet newly released figures show National Defence is expected to face an even deeper budget hole in the coming year than previously anticipated.

  • Ex-construction boss set to testify at inquiryEx-construction boss set to testify at inquiry - 2014-09-01 9:31 AM

    MONTREAL - Quebec's corruption inquiry is expected to hear from a powerful former construction magnate soon after it resumes Tuesday from its summer break.

  • New Brunswick Liberals try to keep tide going - 2014-09-01 9:00 AM

    After majority victories in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario, Brian Gallant is trying to keep the winning streak alive for the Liberals by taking New Brunswick in the Sept. 22 election.

  • B.C. teachers' feud dates back decades - 2014-09-01 8:34 AM

    VANCOUVER - All summer long, there's been one overriding conversation amongst the hundred-plus employees at a Vancouver financial firm who have school-age children: British Columbia's acrimonious teachers' strike.

  • Transgendered feel discriminated in job huntTransgendered feel discriminated in job hunt - 2014-09-01 8:23 AM

    TORONTO - Melissa Hudson says 30 years of experience in the Toronto business world hasn't been enough to land her a job, despite numerous call-backs on her resume for first-round interviews.

  • Arctic business forum has first meeting - 2014-09-01 7:00 AM

    IQALUIT, Nunavut - Canada will live up to promises it made two years ago when the first meeting of the Arctic Economic Council begins Tuesday in Iqaluit.

  • Rob Anders takes second kick at nominationRob Anders takes second kick at nomination - 2014-09-01 7:00 AM

    CALGARY - Controversial Conservative MP Rob Anders may not find the welcome mat out as he attempts to make the move from a big-city riding where he lost his nomination to a brand new rural one.

  • Wages in Bitcoin on the rise: payroll firmWages in Bitcoin on the rise: payroll firm - 2014-09-01 6:00 AM


  • Finance rebuts negative study on middle classFinance rebuts negative study on middle class - 2014-09-01 4:00 AM

    OTTAWA - Finance Canada has issued a rebuttal of a politically embarrassing report on middle-class economic woes that was compiled last fall by experts in another federal department.

  • B.C. to start daycare payments to parentsB.C. to start daycare payments to parents - 2014-08-31 6:12 PM

    VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government said on Sunday it expects to be helping parents pay the costs of daycare because the first day of school appears to be delayed indefinitely by an ongoing teachers' strike.



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