In this Below the fold, we take a look at crusaders and the odd characters who impersonate them.

Batman vs. cops

Batman shows off Lambourghini.

Looks like Batman is adding super speed to his powers.
Video: Cops pull over Lamborghini-driving Batman
Bing Images: Batman's cars

Hungry hero

Hungry hero.

Fighting crime can build up a mighty appetite.
Video: Batman robs Taco Bell
Bing Video: Trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Brazilian Batman

Brazilian Batman.

Police in one of Brazil's most crime-ridden areas are recruiting some help from the caped crusader.
Video: 'Batman' in Brazil
Bing: Real superheroes

Becoming Superman

Man becomes Superman.

All you need to become a superhero is extensive plastic surgery.
Video: Man turns himself into real-life Superman
Bing Shopping: Buy a Superman costume

Is it a bird?

Speeding Superman.

He's not quite as fast as a speeding bullet, but he's still doing pretty well.
Video: Superman window trick
Bing: Superman jokes

French wall-crawler

French Spiderman.

Alain Robert, known as the 'French Spiderman' climbs the world's tallest building.
Video: 'Spiderman' climbs the Burj Khalifa
Bing Video: French Spiderman

Heroes in training?

Heroes in training?

Check out the moves on these fearless teens.
Video: Crazy parkour stunts
Bing: What is parkour?

We have liftoff

Water-powered jetpacks.

Can't fly? Don't worry, these water-powered jetpacks have you covered.
Video: Jetpack flight takes off
Bing: Jetpack design

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