There's nothing worse than getting stuck in an awkward situation, except for getting stuck in an awkward situation on camera, so the world can relive your cringe-worthy moment over and over online.

In this week's Below the Fold, we pay homage to those uncomfortable times.

Marriage isn't easy

Marriage is hard

The speaker at this wedding ceremony should be more careful with her pauses.
Video: Wedding gets off to rocky start
Bing: Wedding pranks

Not quite

Wrong guest.

The anchor's introduction is perfect ...
Video: ... it's just for the wrong person.
Bing Video
: TV news bloopers

Awkward interviewer

Awkward interviewer

TV host launches assault of awkwardness on unsuspecting convention-goers.
Video: It might be time for him to quit his day job
Bing: Why are some people awkward?

Family feud

Family Feud

If there is an appropriate time to yell "nekkid grandma" it's probably not when you're on TV.
Video: Contestant's wacky answer
Bing: Game show bloopers

Dropped props


It shouldn't be this hard, guys.
Video: Awkward low-five
Bing Video: NBA dunk competition

Pucker up

Pucker up.

He was actually just trying to get some of that pretzel.
Video: Awkward kiss-cam moment
Bing: Tips to become a better kisser

Offended starlet

Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron does not take kindly to this Japanese interviewer's directions.
Video: "Whoa, that's not very nice"
Bing: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' review

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