This week's Below the Fold takes a look at Easter traditions around the globe.

Easter egg tree

Egg tree.

This family has taken egg decorating to new heights.
Video: Tree decorated with 10,000 eggs
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Evil Easter


This Easter tradition brings out devils and whips.
Video: Devil whips Easter revellers
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Easter bunny terrifies kids

Easter terror.

The Easter bunny plays a mean joke on some unsuspecting kids.
Video: Who's at the window?
Bing: Easter bunny jokes

Peep show

Peep show.

Seattle man pranks his neighbour with 1,000 festive marshmallow treats.
Video: Easter prank
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Odd Easter tradition


Hundreds of riders race down San Francisco's Vermont Street on Big Wheels.
Video: Adults ride tricycles
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Easter trivia

Choco trivia.

Test yourself with these Easter questions.
Video: How much do you know about Easter?
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