Updated: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 11:40:20 GMT | By The Canadian Press, thecanadianpress.com

Retirement home blames typo for big salaries

OTTAWA - A Toronto retirement home is blaming a typo on its tax return for a mix-up that made it look like some of its staff pull in huge salaries.

Filings to the Canada Revenue Agency's charities directorate showed 10 full-time employees at the La Salle Manor retirement home in Scarborough, Ont., made more than $350,000 a year.

The retirement home is a registered charity and must file annual returns to the Canada Revenue Agency.

But tax consultant Harry Chana of BDO Canada, which works on La Salle's behalf, says the home simply checked the wrong box on its 2010 return.

Charities must disclose how much their 10 highest-paid workers earn.

La Salle Manor's tax return now shows nine workers made between $40,000 and $79,999, while one made less than $40,000.

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