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May 5: Former Alberta premier Alison Redford returned to work as the backbench MLA for the riding of Calgary-Elbow at the legislature. Redford had not been in the legislature since she resigned March 23 in a scandal over lavish spending and allegations of imperious behaviour toward staff and colleagues. Dean Bennett Canadian Press
Alison Redford flights: opposition politicians want RCMP probe

Alberta opposition politicians are calling on the RCMP to investigate former premier Alison Redford over findings by the auditor general about her use of government aircraft.

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  • Gov't computers hacked at a delicate timeGov't computers hacked at a delicate time - 2014-07-29 7:46 PM

    OTTAWA - The recent infiltration of National Research Council of Canada computers by Chinese hackers comes as the agency is working on an advanced computer encryption system that is supposed to prevent such attacks.

  • Fatal fire costs B.C. mill $724,000 - 2014-07-29 7:43 PM

    VANCOUVER - An explosion and fire that killed two workers and injured 22 others at a northern British Columbia sawmill in 2012 was "preventable," WorkSafeBC ruled Tuesday, ordering the company that owns the mill to pay more than $724,000 in penalties and levies.

  • Salaries of chiefs to be posted online - 2014-07-29 7:42 PM

    REGINA - People will soon be able to look up the salaries for First Nations chiefs online.

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  • Body of young stowaway found in US military plane

    WASHINGTON - The body of a young stowaway was found inside a compartment near the wheel well of an Air Force cargo plane that had landed in Germany, U.S. military officials said Tuesday, triggering questions about the security of an aircraft that had made several stops in Africa.

  • Top Colorado court halts gay marriages in Boulder

    DENVER - Boulder County must stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while the Colorado Supreme Court considers an appeal from the state's attorney general, justices said in a ruling Tuesday.

  • China reports deadly attack in northwest

    BEIJING, China - A mob armed with knives and axes rampaged through part of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang and police responded with gunfire, leaving dozens of people dead in the latest violence blamed Islamic militants, state media reported Tuesday.

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