U.S. Presidential ElectionU.S. Presidential Election
Updated: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:00:00 GMT | By Thomas Oakey
Second U.S. presidential debate 2012

A high-stakes rematch

A high-stakes rematch (© Michael Reynolds/Reuters)
  • A high-stakes rematch (© Michael Reynolds/Reuters)
  • Questions from the undecideds (© Jim Young/Reuters)
  • Obama gets his mojo back (© Jim Young/Reuters)
  • Tax plans (© Win McNamee/Reuters)
  • Gender equity (© Reuters)
  • The George W. Bush connection (© Lucas Jackson/Reuters)
  • A question of support (© Lucas Jackson/Reuters)
  • Finger-pointing (© Spencer Platt/Getty)
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U.S. President Barack Obama and his rival for the White House, Mitt Romney, faced off for their second debate Oct. 16 in a bid to seize the support of American voters ahead of the U.S. election Nov. 6.
The pair had met on stage for the first time two weeks earlier to spar over domestic issues, with Romney declared the winner of the tussle by many. Some polls went so far as to indicate that Obama’s lead over Romney had been erased.

With voting already open, and three weeks to go before election day, time was fast running out for the two presidential hopefuls to secure the support of voters, cranking up the importance of the debate from the start.
Would challenger Romney be able to maintain the momentum following the opening debate? Or would incumbent Obama fight back and rediscover his confident groove?

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