IHN virus detected at Sunshine Coast fish farm

A fish farm on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast has been quarantined after an apparent breakout of the infectious hematopoietic necrosis salmon virus.

Greig Seafood says it voluntarily quarantined its salmon farm at Culloden Point in Jervis Inlet after lab tests revealed preliminary positive results for the IHN virus.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is doing more tests on Friday and final confirmation is expected by the weekend, but officials note the virus is not a risk to humans and is found in wild fish in the Pacific.

In May, the IHN virus was confirmed at one Tofino-area farm operated by Mainstream Canada and all the fish there were destroyed.

Precautionary quarantines were also imposed on two other farms, including a Greig Seafood operation, but final tests showed IHN had not infected those fish.