Coffee hangout's benches turfed by landlord

A popular hangout in Kensington has been forced to remove all its outdoor benches.

The Roasterie coffee shop's courtyard at Third Avenue and 10th Street N.W. has been a draw for the Bohemian crowd since 1985.

But according to the café’s owner Lech Wojakowski, the building’s China-based landlord got a complaint about the crowd from a neighbour.

“Because of some concerns about too many people. People enjoy the area here and the landlord thought that was creating too much of a scene, I guess,” he said.

Despite his attempts to convince the landlord that the benches had a positive impact on the multi-business property, the foreign company forced him to remove them, Wojakowski said.

The company’s Canadian representative refused to give CBC News a comment.

“I have given up talking to the landlord,” Wojakowski said. “But I do know a lot of the regulars are sending letters.”