Glenmore pool reopens after 2 swimmers diagnosed with parasite

Calgary's Glenmore Aquatic Centre was closed down Thursday through Friday afternoon after two swimmers were diagnosed with a parasite.

The pool reopened at 4 p.m. MT Friday.

The swimmers at the indoor pool were diagnosed with cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes diarrhea.

City officials said the pair did not contract the disease in the pool.

Alberta Health Services ordered the pool to close Thursday so they could run tests.

The city’s Joe Moore, superintendent of west area recreation, says the city follows strict testing procedures.

“I want to remind [the public] that a) we keep our water clean and we test it regularly. We send samples off to the Alberta Health Board and they test the water but it's important that they're part of this as well.”

Moore says pool users should stay away if they're not feeling well and reminds people to always shower before going swimming.

The pool has been highly chlorinated and the walls and floors disinfected.