Yukon pilot saves 2 Alberta fishermen

Two Alberta fishermen are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized in a remote river in northern B.C.

The two men from Red Deer, Alta., were boating up the Taku River Thursday to join a sport fishing party when their craft filled with water. The men were forced to swim from the boat.

By the time both men got to shore, they were more than a mile apart and hopelessly stranded.

It wasn't until the next day they were reported missing.

About the same time, Yukon bush pilot Jim Brooks spotted the capsized boat bobbing downstream.

Helicopter pilot Jamie Tait, from Atlin, B.C. found the frigid pair late Friday night.

"One guy was wearing waders even and how they didn't drown is beyond me. But long story short, I brought them in here for a meal and a hot rum toddie and they're both fine," said Tait.

RCMP pilot J.M. Sauve said the men had little chance of surviving a second night.

"They were both exposed, both wet and it's still pretty cold outside and they had nothing. No hope, nothing," said Sauve.

The two men, who don't want to be identified, said they're still trying to retrieve their boat.