Winnipegger wins Price is Right showdown

A Winnipeg woman claimed a $25,000 payday after winning the Showcase Showdown on the U.S. TV game show Price is Right.

Angelina Goertzen, who was on vacation in Los Angeles last month when she took in a taping of the show, was shocked when her name was called to "come on down" to contestant's row.

She was the final contestant to be called and immediately won her way on to the stage with host Drew Carey. She made an odd entrance, however.

Goertzen crawled up to Carey's feet before standing. She told CBC News in an interview on Friday that she was too nervous to stand at first, so crawling was the only way to move.

She tried but failed to win a snowmobile during a game called Bonkers, but used the big wheel to spin her way into the show's big finale — the Showcase Showdown.

Goertzen was required to stay quiet about how well she did until after the episode aired on Friday. She narrowly won the showdown, a prize package that included a Mexico trip and boat.

She guessed $23,000 and the actual value was $25,130.

The $2,130 difference was only a slightly better than that of Goertzen's competitor, whose guess was $2,252 off the actual value of her prize package.

Being closest to the actual price, Goertzen won.

"I didn't even know what to do. I was in shock, and as you could tell, I didn't close my mouth for about five minutes," she said in an interview.

"That was probably the most embarrassing part. The whole time I was watching it [later on TV] I was, 'close your mouth, you're a lady.'"

Goertzen opted for a cash payout rather than the prizes and was cut a cheque for about $25,000.