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Updated: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:52:48 GMT | By CBC News,

Mutilated deer carcass in yard worries Winnipeg couple

Mutilated deer carcass in yard worries Winnipeg couple

The gruesome discovery of a mutilated deer carcass in a Winnipeg yard has put pet owners in the area on edge.

Harold and Lorraine Strom first saw the mangled body of a deer earlier this week in their neighbour's yard, just metres from their yard in the city's Charleswood neighbourhood.

The carcass, which appeared attacked and partially consumed, was still in the yard as of Wednesday.

Lorraine Strom told CBC News she spotted a large cat-like animal in the woods on the same night the deer carcass was found, prompting her to wonder if a cougar might have killed it.

"That's awful, that poor deer. I mean, that's not something that should happen to an animal," she said.

"I thought OK, this is not just a dog or a hungry whatever … this is something serious."

Strom said the discovery particularly concerns her because she and her husband have two dogs.

Officials with Manitoba Conservation said they believe the deer was likely killed by a coyote.

The officials say it's not unusual for coyotes to be spotted in neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Winnipeg where there are large deer populations.

Manitoba Conservation says pet owners in those areas should keep their animals on a leash at all times.

As well, it urges people not to feed any deer they come across, since that would attract other wildlife to the area.

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