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Updated: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 13:20:54 GMT | By CBC News,

Police urge against warming vehicles

Police urge against warming vehicles

A cold snap is headed Winnipeg's way and police are urging motorists to avoid leaving their vehicles running unattended to warm up.

Recently, a number of vehicles were stolen when they were left to warm up, police said.

The weather forecast calls for the recent mild temperatures to plummet. The –9 C temperatures that made for pleasant outdoor activities on Thursday and projected high of –12 for Friday will be supplanted on Saturday by a high of –21 with a windchill factor making it feel more like –34.

Highs hovering at about –20 are expected until about Wednesday, when more normal temperatures of –13 are forecast.

Drivers are also cautioned to protect their keys at any time of the year, by not leaving them in the vehicle, stated a press release from the police service and Manitoba Public Insurance.

Each year a number of vehicles are stolen as a result of keys left in the ignition or spare keys left in the passenger compartment of the vehicle — in the glove box, under the floor mat, etc., the release stated.

If spare keys are left in a vehicle "thieves will find them."

Vehicle immobilizers, which are highly effective in stopping thefts, are useless if the thief gains access to the keys, according to the release.

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