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On Point | Hebron costs and NunatuKavut on court ruling

On Point | Hebron costs and NunatuKavut on court ruling

ExxonMobil and its partners announced in early January that they will be going ahead with the Hebron oil project, despite the sharply rising costs of the project.

The project was originally estimated to cost around $5 billion. However, the costs have steadily climbed to $14 billion in less than two years.

Provincial Minister of Natural Resources Jerome Kennedy is a guest on this week's episode of On Point with David Cochrane. Kennedy said the province's share of the costs, as well as the construction costs of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project, will result in a few hard years for the province. However, he said the end result will be worth the temporary difficulties.

A federal court made a ruling last week that 200,000 Métis and 400,000 non-status Indians in Canada are, in fact, "Indians" under the Constitution Act, putting them under federal jurisdiction.

President of NunatuKavut, Todd Russell, said that this decision is a victory for the NunatuKavut people because it will clarify the relationship between aboriginal groups in Newfoundland and Labrador and the provincial and federal governments.

Russell is also featured on this week's On Point with David Cochrane, to discuss his hopes that there will be full cooperation with the government to discuss the full range of implications of the ruling.

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