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Winnipegger calls for national animal abuse registry

Winnipegger calls for national animal abuse registry

A Winnipeg woman says Canada needs better laws to protect animals.

Yvonne Russell, the head of Paw Tipsters, a tipline to report animal abuse, has started a petition calling for a national animal abuse registry, much like the child abuse registry.

People convicted of animal cruelty would be banned from owning animals. Russell said it's long overdue.

"You know there's got to be some type of system in place where, if you get into trouble with animals, whether it's abuse, neglect, or what have you, your name goes on this registry and you won't be able to get your hand on another animal," she said.

Russell said a public registry would also help agenices such as the Winnipeg Humane Society screen potential pet owners.

"Just with all the different things that I hear and the stories that I came across and people that I came into contact with, this truly is something that the country needs," she said. "Why I didn't just make it for Manitoba? Because animal abuse is a problem everywhere."

Russell said she has already collected tens of thousands of signatures. She plans to give them to Winnipeg North Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux, who is expected to present the idea to the House of Commons in the fall.

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