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Updated: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 17:57:14 GMT | By CBC News,

Biker shop gets break in $500 theft

Biker shop gets break in $500 theft

Some alert CBC viewers have led the RCMP to possible suspects in the theft of hundreds of dollars in clothing from a Lower Sackville biker shop.

On Wednesday night, the CBC reported that the owners of Riding in Style Leather were trying to identify and locate two women seen on the store’s security video.

In the last week, co-owner Sally Swinamer said nearly $500 worth of the merchandise from the television show Sons of Anarchy was stolen.

In the video, the two women are seen entering the store, one carrying a relatively thin jacket over her arm.

When the women leave a short time later, the jacket appears to be covering something bulky.

The owners said they're not accusing the women, but say they did appear to be hiding something under that jacket.

The store put the video on Facebook and other social media sites in an effort to identify them.

After the CBC story aired the story, two viewers contacted the store separately.

They provided the same identities for the women in the video.

On Thursday, the RCMP told the shop's owners investigators will track down the women to question them about the missing goods and what was under that jacket.

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