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Updated: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 15:52:31 GMT | By CBC News,

Former Halifax mayor settles with Thibeault heirs

Former Halifax mayor settles with Thibeault heirs

The legal proceedings against former Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly in connection with his duties as the executor of an estate are now officially over.

He and the woman's beneficiaries took part in mediation that has resulted in a settlement. A judge signed off on the agreement on Monday.

Lawyers involved in the settlement say there's an agreement not to share any details.

It has been a long, and at times, acrimonious journey for both Kelly and the heirs to Mary Thibeault's estate.

She died in 2004, appointing Kelly as executor.

It took years after she died for the beneficiaries of her will to get what she left them.

Last fall, Kelly filed his accounting of the administration of the will and agreed to step aside as executor.

That cleared the way for a mediated settlement.

According to Kelly's final accounting, Thibeault's estate was worth nearly $700,000.

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