Metro Transit driver in 'road rage' fight

A Metro Transit driver got into a fistfight with the driver of a car Tuesday in what police called a case of road rage that got out of hand.

The incident happened during rush hour on Portland Street in Dartmouth, N.S. The car driver told CBC News he was the victim of a brutal assault, but witnesses told a different story.

Kenny Smith said he got stuck in the bus lane and did a U-turn in his car, but found the driver of the number 57 in pursuit. Smith pulled over to see why the driver was honking his horn. He went to the bus to talk to the driver.

"He grabbed hold of me and he shoved me back with him and then we fell into the bus," Smith said Wednesday. "As I was trying to get away from him, he had a hold of my arm. He wasn't letting go of my arm and he twisted my arm and told me he was going to break my arm."

Smith alleges the driver punched and kicked him.

"He had his feet up around my face and he was kicking me and then punching me and that's when he ripped my ear open with his feet," Smith claimed.

Smith said he did not retaliate.

Witnesses say Smith was banging on door

But two witnesses CBC News spoke to described Smith as the aggressor and said he was banging on the bus door and using foul language before the altercation started.

Metro Transit spokeswoman Tiffany Chase said they are investigating the incident.

"There will be an interview with the operator who was on shift during their next shift at work. The incident report that was submitted by the operator will be reviewed by transit supervisory staff," she said.

"In addition, we have access to camera footage and we'll be reviewing the complaints that were submitted by the citizens."

Halifax Regional Police reviewed the incident and called it a consensual fight and encouraged both parties to move on.