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Updated: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 20:52:52 GMT | By CBC News, celebrates groundbreaking anniversary celebrates groundbreaking anniversary

The University of P.E.I. is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its website — and the 25th anniversary of the first page on the internet.

Jim Hancock was the man who registered the name in 1988 and he says many people weren't convinced the university needed a site. In fact, while the infrastructure known as the internet was around at the time, the information-sharing platform called the world wide web didn't start until 1991.

Hancock was in charge of the campus computer centre and took the risk by registering the domain name, making the university a virtual pioneer.

"It brings a great deal of pride," he said Monday as the university began celebrating the site's birthday.

"It was just something that had to be done. I did it and never thought of it again. I mean, the whole thing has been an enormous success when you look at it in the way we use it today."

Paved the way for high-tech university

Dave Cormier, who handles the university site today, said that early hop online paved the way for projects like high speed internet on campus.

The site acts as a business card for the school, he said.

"I think it was a great culture of courage that came out of that. When you look at a lot of the technological innovation that happens out of the university now, you can trace them back to that decision in a lot of ways," he said.

The university is marking the anniversary by posting older versions of the site to its page.

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