Craven campers bid soggy farewell to festival

Country music fans who attended this year's Craven Country Jamboree faced long, muddy lineups on Monday to get out of the festival site.

Thousands of people converged on the grounds next to Craven, Sask., from Thursday to Sunday for a weekend of twangy music, parties and creative camping.

Rainfall throughout the weekend led to mud clogging the roads. As a result, many campers — and their trailers and other vehicles — had to inch their way out of the campsite for nearly two hours on Monday.

While Craven may have been a long weekend for those enjoying the tunes and parties, it was also a long weekend for RCMP officers who handled traffic violations, mischief complaints and even a tipped-over trailer and a tent that was set on fire.

RCMP said they handled at least 325 incidents and arrested 124 people throughout the weekend.

The charges that police laid included two assault charges, three drug-related charges, and seven impaired-driving charges.

One person is being charged with arson for allegedly lighting a tent trailer on fire, according to RCMP.

As well, police are investigating one unsolved sexual assault case, based on allegations made by a woman who later disappeared.

RCMP say campers were less rowdy at this year's festival because of the rainy and muddy conditions.