Polo on bicycles popular in Saskatoon

The sport of polo has been transformed for playing in a swimming pool — as water-polo — and a variant of the game can also be found on tennis courts using bicycles.

Hardcourt bike polo also resembles a game of ball hockey.

In Saskatoon, enthusiasts get together every Thursday night to pedal away at the game.

Some have been it at for years.

Andrea Cessna is a newcomer.

"You have to have a good sense of humour," Cessna said about the combination of bikes and polo mallets. "And you have to be willing to give it a shot. It doesn't take any specific skills. If you have a bike and you are eager to try something new, that's all it really takes."

While it may sound like some lighthearted recreation, Saskatoon players host an annual tournament every summer and those games can be quite competitive.