Cherry blossoms ready to burst in High Park

The cherry blossoms are just about to burst into bloom in Toronto's High Park.

The cherry trees that dot the park are close to their spring splendour — but not quite. If the weather remains mild they could hit their peak this weekend.

At least one group of Torontonians will be on hand when the blossoms are in full bloom.

In Japanese culture the blossoms are viewed as a symbol of rebirth and renewal and every year many Japanese-Canadians visit the park to take part in special ceremonies.

The Japanese view the cherry blossoms as a metaphor for life, beautiful, but fleeting.

The trees were a gift to Canada in 1959.

The Japanese ambassador presented the Japanese Sakura trees to the citizens of Toronto on behalf of the citizens of Tokyo.

The trees were planted in appreciation of Toronto helping to re-locate Japanese-Canadians following World War Two.