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Chain-smoking orangutan has a new baby

Chain-smoking orangutan has a new baby (© LUCY NICHOLSON/Newscom/RTR)
  • Chain-smoking orangutan has a new baby (© LUCY NICHOLSON/Newscom/RTR)
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Things are looking up for Tori the chain-smoking orangutannot only has she kicked the habit, but now she's given birth to an adorable, healthy baby at Indonesia's Taru Jurug Zoo. While she wasn't the most responsible mother-to-be, puffing through most of her pregnancy, she's now fussing over her newborn in a smoke-free environment. After 10 years of smoking, quitting is tough, so in July, 15-year-old Tori and her partner, Didik, were moved to a remote island, far from the cigarette-tossing visitors, with caretakers ordered not to hook her up with even a cigarette butt despite her tantrums. Hmm ... long holiday on a tropical island in exchange for quitting? Sounds tempting.

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