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Freezing Chicago ices out during major blaze

Chicago fire aftermath (© John Gress/Reuters)
  • Chicago fire aftermath (© John Gress/Reuters)
  • George M Chruch, Neanderthal baby (© Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters; Patrick Bernard/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Kitten (© Gabriel Junior/Getty Images)
  • Drinking Guinness (© Paul McErlance/Reuters/Files)
  • Getting a haircut (© Mood Board/Rex Features)
  • Snowman (© Denise Balyoz Photography/Getty Images)
  • Arnie the Cat (© Linton Zoo Rex Features)
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Q: How many Chicago firefighters does it take to convert a warehouse blaze into a winter wonderland? A: Around 200 or so. A passing fire chief was the first to spot the fire at a five-story warehouse in Bridgeport, Ill. One third of the city's on-duty firefighters were called in to control the blaze which rapidly destroyed the warehouse in what the city's fire commissioner called the biggest fire in Chicago in seven years. Meanwhile, the temperature had plunged to well below freezing, resulting in the icescape captured in these breathtaking shots.

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