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Odd news stories: Week ending Oct. 20, 2012

Just a little on top

Bodybuilder misses fake tan on head (© The Associated Press)
  • Bodybuilder misses fake tan on head (© The Associated Press)
  • White stick, samurai (© Rex Features)
  • 96-year-old man becomes dad, makes us think things we didn't want to (© Rex Features)
  • Face transplant results in best ever 'before and after' photo (© University of Maryland/Rex Features)
  • Heroic dog who lost snout also has aggressive form of cancer (© Gregory Urquiaga/AP Images)
  • Poutine eating contest (© Rex Features)
  • Students punished for finding teacher's topless pic on classroom iPad (© David Caudery / Future Publishing)
  • Stacks of money (© Reuters)
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Hey buddy, it looks like you missed a spot during your fake tan -€” as in, your entire head. The funny error has been pointed out by news media (and, of course, merciless tweeters) as this photo of a bodybuilder's bronzing oversight went viral. The guy was reportedly competing at the three-day Arnold Classic Europe bodybuilding event and, and far as we can tell, was too focused on his performance to think about his tan. Or maybe he was too caught up in gazing at his enormous pecs. In any case, we feel a little for the guy. Arnold Schwarzenegger was hosting -€” couldn'€™t you have given him a heads up, Arnie?

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