Downtown cameras

Downtown cameras

There are still a few electrical issues and other fine-tuning to be done to Barrie’s new downtown cameras but all of the devices are in place.

Barrie police Deputy Chief Bruce Carlson said all 10 cameras have been installed and staff training has begun.

“It’ll be a couple of weeks before they get it all sorted out, I’m sure, but that’s to be expected. It’s going well,” said Carlson. "There will be more training later in July when everything’s up (and running).”

Video images will be displayed on a split-screen monitor.

“There are pretty tight restrictions (on what we view),” he said. “It’s not someone sitting there with a joystick, zooming in on someone because they’re curious.

“If there is something going on that is a police-related matter that we need to focus in on, they can do that. That is all documented.”;