Teacher guilty of sexual misconduct with student

BARRIE - This story has been updated from a previous version.
The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) has found Amy Mullins, a St. Peter’s Catholic School teacher, guilty of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student.
In the decision dated Jan. 17, the college said she had intercourse with a student and encouraged him and his friends to drink and have sex while they were in her care, at movie nights and on school-related trips.
Because of the sexual nature of the matter, The Advance has chosen not to name the victim, although he is now an adult, as he could not be reached for comment.
The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board is not commenting on the case, how it plans to deal with shock at the Barrie school or how it plans to reassure parents its schools are safe.
“We are unable to make any comments as the process by the (OCT) is not complete,” said the school board’s communications director Diane Legg.
According to the OCT ruling, Mullins began a relationship with an Innisfil teen, a minor, in May 2001, despite not having an ongoing professional requirement for contact.
In the decision, obtained by The Advance, Mullins admitted to having a “far too familiar relationship.”
Between 2001 and 2004, Mullins allowed the boy and his friends to visit her apartment to drink alcohol and enjoy ‘movie nights’. The regular events were aimed at a “small coterie of boys who were friends,” the OCT decision said.
And according to the disciplinary decision, the nights also featured sex.
The document called the movie nights “very troubling.”
On May 25, 2001, several underage boys slept at Mullins’ apartment before a school-related trip to Toronto.
The boy, now in his late 20s, who had the relationship with Mullins as a teen, told the college tribunal she touched him and made him ejaculate. Sexual intercourse occurred for the first time the following week. Oral sex also occurred on school property, he testified.
The May “sleeping arrangements” were copied at a family wedding that students attended in Windsor, a trip to Ohio and a Peterborough summer trip.
In June 2001, a Hamilton trip featured alcohol and several students sharing two double beds, although Mullins said she slept through the goings-on.
Mullins also encouraged the brother of the boy she was engaged in a relationship with to have sex with his girlfriend in her washroom, the document said.
The brothers’ mother suspected something more may be occurring between one of her sons and Mullins when the teacher spent time at the family home over the Christmas 2001 holidays. The mother saw “knowing glances” and later eavesdropped on a telephone call, which she said indicated a sexual relationship. She asked her son, who admitted to it and said he would commit suicide if his mother tried to put a stop to the relationship.
The board suspended Mullins Dec. 18, 2006.
A date has yet to be set for her disciplinary hearing.
The board is facing a $2.5-million civil suit related to Mullins’ case from the family.