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LETTER: Re: Homeowner upset with neighbour’s room rentals

I am a single-family dwelling homeowner. The house next-door is now owned by an entrepreneur, who owns many such rooming-house businesses. If he was renting out his basement or renting out rooms to help cover the high cost of owning and living in the home, I would not object, providing he respects his property and my property. This is a house that was made into a duplex without following the city’s rules, such as local homeowners being advised in writing about potential zoning changes.

Once a house in your neighbourhood becomes legally rezoned duplex, the owner can start renting rooms at $500 each to eight unrelated customers. There must be two kitchens – one up, one down – and no locks on any bedroom doors.

Don’t be like me and have the attitude, “Live and let Live.” If you see unexplained activity going on in your neighbourhood, get involved and find out what is going on.

If you don’t, you could wake up tomorrow and there will be a Rooming House next door to you and this could affect your life dramatically.

If you think there is an illegal apartment operating in your neighbourhood, advise the city in writing because today it is just two families living in one house. Tomorrow it is a rooming house business, complete with bed bugs and a distant greedy property entrepreneur.

Brian James Therrien