Dog believed killed by coyotes

Brampton Animal Services officials say it is believed a small Shih Tzu dog was attacked and killed by a coyote in a residential backyard near Peel Village Golf Course Thursday.

Animal control workers responded to the neighbourhood to distribute flyers and visit schools, community and recreation centres in the area, reminding residents of coyote behaviour and how to protect small children and pets.

City officials say there were two dogs— a male and a female— in a backyard on Turtlecreek Boulevard Thursday when a man inside the house heard coyotes howling followed by a thump on the back door. He opened the door and the female dog came inside, but the male was missing.

The resident went looking for the dog, but couldn’t find it. He searched the area again the following day, according to city officials. On Saturday, he found some tufts of fur that were the same colour as the missing dog in the golf course’s park/ravine behind Turtlecreek. He had seen four coyotes together in the area of the park during the search Thursday evening and believes coyotes killed the dog.

Coyote 411

• never leave children unattended;

• educate children to not approach or harass any wildlife or unfamiliar pets;

• don’t walk dogs at dusk or dawn;

• keep dogs on a short leash;

• don’t let cats roam free (they are a meal for a coyote);

• don’t leave food out for any wildlife;

• if a coyote approaches, make yourself look bigger. Stand tall, raise your arms, jump up and down and make a lot of noise;

• carry an airhorn or umbrella. The horn noise can scare away an approaching coyote, as can the sudden opening of an umbrella.