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GUELPH — If the minority provincial Liberals fall from power, don’t count government MPP Liz Sandals out of the running.

At a joint Liberal New Year’s Levee Sunday with MP Frank Valeriote, Sandals said in a brief interview between greeting well-wishers she’ll be back to fight another election battle for a third mandate.

“My intention has always been to run again,” Sandals said while wearing a distinctive Liberal-red jacket to the afternoon event in The Ward downtown.

Of course, it’s early days for any election fight considerations, with a new Liberal party leader yet to be chosen, she added.

Provincial Party Leader Dalton McGuinty resigned in August, and while the government remains in office, its future is uncertain. His announcement came after his government lost a key byelection contest in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Political tigers of the same stripe, Sandals and Valeriote rubbed shoulders, figuratively, at Sunday’s levee in the Italian Canadian Club, attended by hundreds of Guelph residents of all walks of life.

Asked if the aboriginal protest movement Idle No More would become a significant issue in Guelph this year, Valeriote said it’s already a factor.

“It heated up the last two days,” he said, referring to a local protest that saw a mass demonstration Saturday at Market Square, the public area in front of the new city hall.

Valeriote said it was wonderful to see peaceful protests by people expressing their views only a few feet from police monitoring the situation without intervening.

Among the well-wishers at the Sunday levee — which came coincidentally after a Saturday levee by Mayor Karen Farbridge — was local resident Maria Ciantar, who thinks highly of Sandals’ work representing the city and its people.

“I’m really proud of what she does,” Ciantar said of the provincial representative. “I think she does a good job.

“I hope she gets elected again. It’s not an easy job; you can’t satisfy everybody.”

Resident Edna Currie was also equally impressed with Valeriote.

“We need you here,” she told the federal Liberal representative before turning to a Mercury reporter.

“He serves this riding exceptionally well,” Currie said, adding Valeriote can always be relied upon to tackle effectively with any matters.

“I just think he’s the man for the job,” she said.

Valeriote was first elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2011.

Sandals got the endorsement of the electorate in 2003 and again in 2007.