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Hydro crews worked tirelessly through the weekend to restore Hamilton’s power after Friday’s ice storm.

Thousands of rural residents were without power until Sunday as crews dealt with the aftermath of the storm, which brought down trees and closed roads in numerous areas. It also briefly knocked out power to 15 water and sewage pumping stations, cutting water pressure to Ancaster.

By Sunday evening, only a handful of outages affecting one or two customers remained in pockets of Ancaster and Dundas and near Morriston, said Hydro One spokesperson Marylena Stea.

Hydro crews were working to get power restored before nightfall, but the majority of local crews had been relocated across the province to help efforts in areas with remaining outages.

Stea said more than 25,000 customers across the province were still without power Sunday night.

Trees on power lines and more than 300 broken hydro poles are to blame for the slow restoration, she said.

“The problem Friday was the weather continued to be bad — as we restored some areas, others continued to go down,” she said.

Hydro is hoping to have all power restored by Monday.