Tim Hortons: On the corner and on TV

In case you don’t get enough of seeing Tim Hortons on every corner, you can now catch it on your favorite TV shows.

The ubiquitous Canadian coffee chain is renewing its efforts to break into the American market. And it’s doing so through product placement in TV shows and movies. At least one blogger who keeps track of everything Tim says the chain is paying a pretty penny to get its brand front and centre in the American psyche.

All you have to do is look at shows like Homeland (if you can get it) and How I Met your Mother .

After the Tim Hortons appearance on How I Met Your Mother, the ‘Priestley’ donut received an enormous about of buzz in the Twitter world, helping Tims capitalize on the idea. Tim Hortons didn’t waste any time, releasing a photo of its ‘Priestley’ just hours after the show aired.

The company says the donut is not available for sale. It was just created in response to actor Jason Priestley’s comments on the show.

And now Tim Hortons is set to launch its annual Roll Up the Rim To win campaign Monday.

Rims have been rolled for this annual contest for 26 years and it’s that much-publicized 1 in 6 chance of winning that makes it exciting. Tim Hortons Inc. says that, since 1986, it has given away 465 vehicles, 6,000 TVs, 21,000 barbeques, 35,000 bikes, $5 million in cash prizes, $8,000 in Tim Hortons cards and 387 million food and beverage prizes.

Rolling up the rim may seem fairly simple but everyone has their own technique . You can use the classic squeeze and roll. Teeth are also handy if you’re not dexterous. Or you can use a specialized tool .