170 University Ave W Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9 519-725-1514

170 University Ave W Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9 519-725-1514

Do you have a family doctor? Many of us have experienced difficulty finding a family physician taking on new patients. Sometimes, even if we do have a doctor, it can be difficult getting an appointment at your doctor’s office when you really need one. Receiving the medical attention you deserve is easy and available at The Waterloo Walk-in Clinic .

With a professional team of doctors in Kitchener-Waterloo, The Waterloo Walk-in Clinic offers prompt and friendly medical services for those who require it. Opened in 1988 and under new management since 2007, our team is available when you need us. From treating a virus with antibiotics to requiring immunizations, our team of physicians treats every patient with the professional, concerned care they deserve.

No appointments are required. Any walk-in patient is welcome with a valid OHIP card. Our walk-in clinic is open on a first come first serve basis with special exceptions made due to severity of patient condition.

Our Walk-in Clinic Services Include:

Full Medical Facilities for Non-Emergencies

Cardiology Assessment Right Away

Stress Testing


Holter & Loop Hookups (Same Day or Second Day Service)

Allergy Shots Onsite

Baby Checks & Immunization

Newborn Checks

Flu Shots

Episodic Care

Specialist Referrals

Wart Treatments (with Liquid Nitrogen)

Miner Lacerations


Prescription Referrals

University Verification of Illness Forms

Tele-Dermatology Program: Clinic takes a picture of the affected area and sends it to online dermatology specialist. Preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan in less than 7 days.

Publicly Funded Vaccines

Travel Immunizations

Driver’s Medical Examination Forms

Pregnancy Test

Strep Testing

Urine Analysis

The Waterloo Walk-in Clinic is open to the public and welcomes anyone to become one of our patients when they require a medical clinic. Since we are close to the University of Waterloo, our clinic is ideal for students studying away from home who require a doctor nearby. The Waterloo Walk-In Clinic is also a great solution for those who do not have a family doctor, or who need medical attention sooner than a doctor’s office can provide. Our prompt and friendly service from our team of physicians and staff will ensure your medical needs are met at our welcoming clinic.

We have a pharmacy on site for your added convenience. The Waterloo Walk-In Clinic has a team of both male and female physicians in case you have any preferences. Follow up appointments have minimal to no wait times.

A unique feature offered by The Waterloo Walk-In Clinic is that we offer pagers to our patients waiting for their appointment. Since we are located inside Wal-Mart, you can shop while you wait for your pager to notify you when your appointment is ready.

When you need to see a doctor and it’s not an emergency, be sure to visit The Waterloo Walk-in Clinic and we will attend to all of your medical needs.

2 Locations to Serve You Better:


170 University Ave. W.

Waterloo ON, N2L 3E9

Tel: 519-725-1514

Fax: 519-725-5137

Kitchener (Located Inside Walmart)

100 The Boardwalk

Kitchener ON, N2N 0B1

Tel: 519-279-4098

Fax: 519-279-4099;