Nom Nom's Yogurt Bar and Cafe

Nom Noms


1. A snack that is so delicious that cravings are experienced immediately.

e.g. I really need some nom noms after studying for that exam.

2. The newest café where you can acquire said snack.

e.g. Let’s go to Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar and Café to make our own frozen yogurt and try a pizza cone!

Now that you have the definition of the deliciousness that is nom noms, you can move on to start enjoying them! Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Café in Vaughan and Maple, Ontario prides itself on creating a cozy, fun atmosphere where you can make your own frozen yogurt creations that are nom nom worthy!

How It Works:

Step 1: Choose your frozen yogurt flavour

Step 2: Choose your toppings

Step 3: Weigh your frozen yogurt creation and pay by the ounce

So whether you’re a chocoholic that will go for our chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt, sprinkled with every chocolate bar you can think of – or – if you enjoy the sweet flavours of our fruity yogurts topped off with all of the freshest fruits that grow on this beautiful earth – you can be sure that you will make the most delicious snack that is custom made to suit your own individual taste buds!

Not only do we offer the fun of self-serve fro yo, but we also offer unique menu items that can be custom made for whatever you’re craving.

Menu Features

Create Your Own Frozen Yogurt

Pizza Cones

Cheesecakes (From the Cheesecake Factory)



Hot & Cold Beverages

Ok, so we may need to describe our Pizza Cones to you since they are way too delicious to ignore. Pizza Cones are the best thing since sliced pizza! This on-the-go snack packs that powerful pizza punch, but is served in a delicious and crunchy cone. You can choose the cone flavour and your toppings for a complete custom taste you can crunch on!

Its nom noms done your way at Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Café . Take your cravings and make them a delicious reality with our self-serve frozen yogurt and other menu items.

Visit our website to learn more about creating your own super-delish frozen yogurt or send us an email with any questions or feedback

Vaughan Location

9587 Weston Road, Unit 10

Vaughan, Ontario L4H 2Y1

Tel: 905-553-6722

Open 11am to 11pm - 7 Days a week

Maple Location

Mackenzie Glen Square

2810 Major Mackenzie Rd West, Unit 24

Maple, Ontario L6A 1Z5

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