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  • Mackenzie Wiens accepts a cheque from Al Snyder  right  on behalf of the St. Davids and District Lions Club prior to her trip to Croatia. She’s there now as part of a summer youth exchange program for three weeks.Taking a gamble on an experience of a lifetime - 2013-07-16 1:04 PM

    NOTL teen picks out of the ordinary destination for summer exchange program

  • Clothing designer Shannon Passero stands in front of Thorold’s old fire hall, which she renovated into her design studio.Turnaround for a downtown - 2013-07-16 12:48 PM

    Downtowns in cities and towns across Ontario and Canada that were the central core of those municipalities in days gone by now routinely struggle with reinventing themselves these days. Talk to old t

  • The Lincoln County Humane Society is hosting a special Adopt-a-Thon this weekend, where adoption fees for cats and kittens has been dropped to $25 from the regular price of $99.Love on sale at the humane society - 2013-07-16 12:26 PM

    Elspeth Cameron, LCHS Matters. Kittens? Cats? $25? Yep. That’s the Lincoln County Humane Society special Adopt-a-thon

  • No image availableExciting chapter for west-end hospital - 2013-07-16 12:23 PM

    The announcement last week of the amalgamation of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital with Hamilton Health Sciences marks the start of a new and exciting chapter in the 70 year history of WLMH. We will no

  • No image availableImagination run wild - 2013-07-16 11:31 AM

    Carousel Players’ art and drama camp lets children explore the world of theatre

  • A cargo van lost its brakes on Mountain Road in Grimsby Tuesday afternoon and was only able to stop when the driver deliberately steered into a delivery truck.No room for parochialism in pursuit of safe escarpment access - 2013-07-11 1:55 PM

    Katherine Grant. Research has been done, discussions held and strategies outlined to create a safe escarpment access for truck traffic, yet unless there is strong political will to prevent it from stalling again, there may not be a resolution in the near future.

  • No image availableSpread wind wealth - 2013-07-11 1:51 PM

    Re: Turbine hosts not worried about health, June 12 I refer to your article concerning the Krolls and how proud they are to be contributing to green energy and their comments that they can’t under

  • No image availableWrong to fish out of season - 2013-07-11 1:50 PM

    As an angler, I was a bit stunned by the photo on Page 31 of the June 20th edition of NTW. Unless I am missing something, that smallmouth bass being hoisted about by participants in the Rose Festival

  • No image availableTimmies a sign of economic health - 2013-07-11 1:48 PM

    Stephen Poloz, our new governor of the Bank Of Canada, only has to monitor the Tim Horton franchises for an economic indicator. It seems Canadians are still choosing to spend an extra half hour i

  • No image availableCaution always needed online - 2013-07-11 1:41 PM

    The Internet can be a wonderful place. With the click of a button and a few keystrokes, you have access to a seemlingly limitless supply of information. Want to look up when your ancestors crossed th


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