We are constantly hearing how our roads need millions of dollars to be maintained and upgraded.

There’s a quick solution that can be handled simply by implementing a bylaw.

In many cities, such as Calgary, bylaws have been passed to restrict traffic to half-loads all the time, except on main truck routes.

In Ontario, trucks are allowed to carry 40,000 pounds, while in the USA they’re only allowed 20,000 pounds, hence their roads last longer there.

The main industry this would affect is the trucking industry in Sudbury. More jobs could be created, as trucks would now have to be reloaded for deliveries to local businesses.

Most of these trucks are not going to local retailers but to Vale and other mining operations, which have other means of getting supplies delivered, with the rail lines still in place.

It would be a lower cost, though not as convenient. But, if Vale and Xstrata built off-loading facilities for the trains, they would see returns in no time.

Also, by building our industrial parks on major highways, not in the middle of the city, we could ensure they could get heavy loads out.

Should a company or business require a heavy load to be brought to their business, a permit can be obtained from the city for this load.

Can this work in Sudbury?
Many people I have talked to think it could and should be something our city council looks at.

Greg A. Connor
Greater Sudbury