Thorncliffe Park residents, landlords invited to participate in tower renewal projects

Thorncliffe Park residents and landlords are being asked this Wednesday, Oct. 24, to help plan “tower renewal” projects in or around some of the community’s aging highrise buildings. The United Way of Greater Toronto is financially supporting two years of these projects through Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, a local agency that has spoken to residents and landlords about it for the past few months. “We thought it was time to bring us back together as we’d like to continue our conversation on how we go about the many ideas and themes that emerged from the previous meetings: waste management and recycling, picnic tables and benches, public space, community safety, resident information and resident engagement,” Esel Laxa Panlaqui, TNO’s community engagement co-ordinator, said in a message. The meeting, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the TNO Youth Centre, 45 Overlea Blvd., may determine which landlords and buildings participate in the projects. Panlaqui said she expects at least one landlord for several Thorncliffe buildings has agreed to a “tower renewal” partnership already. More information is available at;