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Prince William and Catherine - Year 1

$12.85: Cost of a good time

$12.85: Cost of a good time. (© REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau;
  • Facts and figures that sum up Will and Kate's first year together. (© REUTERS/Hugo Burnand; Clarence House, HO)
  • One: Flying solo. (© MSNBC)
  • Three: Fainted dead away. (© MSNBC)
  • Four: Wills on the board. (© REUTERS/Alex Gallard)
  • Five: Limit to your Barbie bliss. (© REUTERS; Mattel/HO)
  • Seven: Weeks on duty. (© REUTERS/John Stillwell)
  • $12.85: Cost of a good time. (© REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau;
  • $1.68 million: Grateful charities. (© PA Wire)
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$12.85: The cost of one "Anniversary Party Essential Kit" in gold from Party Pieces, the online party supply store operated by Kate's parents, Michael and Carole Middleton. The kit includes eight plates, 20 napkins, eight cups, a table cover, and free lids and straws. Mental note: Don't serve anything requiring cutlery.

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