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Top news headlines for the week ending Aug. 4

Week's biggest local, national and world stories

Week's biggest local, national and world stories. (© Larry Downing /Reuters; Lars Hagberg, Graeme Roy/CP; SNAP/Rex Features)
  • Week's biggest local, national and world stories. (© Larry Downing /Reuters; Lars Hagberg, Graeme Roy/CP; SNAP/Rex Features)
  • Charest looks to maintain power as Quebec faces Sept. 4 election. (© Mario Beauregard, Denis Beaumont, Sean Kilpatrick/CP;)
  • Harper rebuffs premiers, backs Kenney; Rafferty appeals; RCMP harassment suit; Attawapiskat wins. (© Blair Gable, Chris Wattie, Frank Gunn; Shaun Best/Reuters; HO/CP)
  • Tweets, empty seats, badminton scandal roil first week of Olympics. (© Michael Dalder, David Gray, Grigory Dukor/Reuters; Geoffrey Robinson/Rex Features)
  • Siege in largest Syrian city spawns humanitarian crisis. (© Goran Tomasevic, Shaam News Network, Obeida Al Naimi/Reuters)
  • Power restored in India; Holmes charged in Colorado shooting; Ebola outbreak in Uganda. (© Parivartan Sharma, RJ Sangosti/Reuters; Laurent Cipriani/AP Photo)
  • Lowe's pursues Rona; insider trading allegations in Nexxen deal; Apple and Samsung face off. (© Chris Wattie, Jo Yong-Hak, Vicki Behringer/Reuters; Eric Hylden/AP Photo)
  • Departures. (© AP Photo; Geoff Wilkinson/Rex Features)
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The Rundown rolls into a holiday weekend and a new month feeling considerably more chipper than, say, Mitt Romney. Or the Brazilian judoka who broke his Olympic bronze medal in the shower. But maybe not as buoyant as the people who cashed in on some old baseball cards found in the attic.

Other headlines this week:

The penny has been given a reprieve but not a full pardon.

The Senate is protesting reports that part of that body is incapable of providing information online.

It was not a common heist: about 500,000 bees and 3,600 kilograms of honey were stolen from property near Abbotsford, B.C.

The number of prison inmates joining a gang while they are behind bars has increased, according to a CBC report.

If you saved your tickets from that cancelled concert by The Who 33 years ago in Rhode Island, you're in luck: they will be honoured when the band returns in February.

We're all for thinking outside the box here at The Rundown but the Australian treasurer is taking that notion too far by relying on Bruce Springsteen for financial acumen.

This doesn't seem like much of a startling revelation but the advent of smartphones has led to a workday that never ends. However, all that unpaid overtime is a growing legal liability, according to a prominent labour law firm.

The new food label regulations that have come into effect are primarily designed to help those will allergies.

There are now apps that allow prospective patients to gauge waiting times in emergency rooms and walk-inclinics, picking the one that is the least busy.

After a 50-year run as the greatest movie ever, Citizen Kane has been dumped by Vertigo.

Marilyn Monroe died 50 years ago on Sunday, a death as mysterious now as it was then.

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