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Top news headlines for week ending Jan. 11

All of the week's biggest local, national and global stories

Giant squid! (© CBC News)
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The Rundown returns, brandishing video of the giant squid found deep in the Pacific Ocean and news of a non-alcoholic beer made for dogs.

But that would be giving short shrift to other stories this week. Among them:

Vending machines don’t like the new $20 bill.

Much of the first Royal Canadian Legion branch to receive a charter will be torn down.

The departing governor of Montana did not grant clemency to convicted murderer Ronald Smith, formerly of Red Deer, Alta.

Telemarketers are using a new strategy to get through to you.

Half of the food produced around the world each year goes to waste, according to a study.

The criminal case against Joe Fontana, a former MP and federal cabinet minister who is now the mayor of London, Ont., was put over until Feb. 26.

The town of Timmins, Ont., is considering selling the Shania Twain Centre.

Drunk driving cases increased in 2011.

Parents with wealth want their children to be self-sufficient, yet endow them with luxurious lifestyles, according to new research.   

The killer whales trapped under ice in Hudson Bay have apparently freed themselves although some cautioned they could entrap themselves yet again under the shifting floes.

If you have a $1-trillion coin stuck in a piggy bank, economist Paul Krugman says you could solve the debt ceiling crisis in the United States.

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