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Top news headlines for week of Nov. 30

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The Rundown returns, ticking off milestones and benchmarks, so you don't have to. Consider:

The video 'Gangnam Style' by the South Korean rapper Psy has become the most-viewed on YouTube with at least 805 million hits. If you're wondering how a video of a song with Korean lyrics and over-the-top dance moves achieves such status, you are not alone.

The Rolling Stones have embarked on a series of concerts to celebrate 50 years together.

Casablanca, the movie of wartime romance and intrigue starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, was released 70 years ago this week. The piano used in the movie is up for auction.

Elsewhere this week:

The state of New York estimates the bill to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy will be about $42 billion.

Canadians are prouder of universal health care than they are of the monarchy, according to a recent survey.

Angus T. Jones, the teenage star of the hit television comedy 'Two And a Half Men', apologized for comments he made this week, saying the show was "filth."

It was a tough week for actor Lindsay Lohan. She faces criminal charges and her recent TV movie, 'Liz and Dick', was soundly panned by most viewers.

There has been an increase in Canadians who prefer wine to beer, says a recent study.

The Grand Canyon may be older than previously thought.

A new study shows all but one of the world's major ice sheets are melting, and doing so rapidly.

The so-called "exergames," the active video games, should not be considered a substitute for real exercise, says Active Healthy Kids Canada.

This winter in Canada? Much harsher than last year.

Engineers at the University of Toronto have received a $2.2-million grant, partly financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to research a better toilet.

The United Nations is indicating it may get involved in Internet governance.

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