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Top news: Week ending Nov. 2, 2012

The week's biggest stories, all in one place

The week's biggest stories, all in one place
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The Rundown returns, as certain as you are about what was the biggest news story this week. But there were other things happening and we begin with some of them.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal says flu shots should be mandatory for all those working in health care Meanwhile, Health Canada said two flu vaccines that had been pulled from distribution are okay to use.

Health-care spending in Canada is declining.

Disney is paying slightly more than $4 billion (US) to buy Lucasfilm, the production company founded and run by George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars movies. Disney immediately signalled its intent to continue with the Star Wars saga. People wasted little time in voicing their opinions on casting.

Calgary author Will Ferguson won the Giller Prize.

A 24-year-old man from Maryland won $8.53 million (US) at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, which concluded after a 12-hour session.

While we’re mentioning the money, how about the $1 billion to repair the decaying West Block on Parliament Hill?

Maygan Sensenberger, the 23-year-old wife of Sen. Rod Zimmer, 69, is trying to rebuild her image after pleading guilty to causing a disturbance on an Air Canada flight in August.

McDonald’s has joined the battle with Tim Hortons squarely, producing take-home ground coffee.

A long-awaited report examining British Columbia’s salmon industry sounded warnings about salmon farms. Federal MPs want action taken, based on its findings.

The Toronto Star became the latest Canadian daily newspaper to plan a digital paywall for its online content. Advertising revenue for the latest quarter declined late in that period.

With the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, a report says Canadians have been slow to convert to purchases online.

But Canadians are keen to pay with their smartphones.

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