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Updated: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 16:06:27 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

2 Canadians arrested amid Egypt crisis

2 Canadians arrested amid Egypt crisis

Two Canadians who were in Egypt during the past week's deadly turmoil have been detained by police, Canada's Foreign Affairs department said Sunday.

Spokeswoman Caitlin Workman told CBC News she is "aware that two Canadians were arrested in Egypt," adding, "I can confirm that the Embassy of Canada in Cairo is in contact with local authorities and is providing consular assistance."

She did not provide further information regarding the fate of the two men or their identities.

The Toronto Star reported Saturday that Toronto-based filmmaker and York University professor John Greyson was arrested in Cairo on Friday, along with Tarek Loubani, an emergency room doctor from London, Ont.

The paper quotes a mutual friend of the two, Justin Podur, a professor at the faculty of environmental studies at York University. He said the men wanted to travel from Egypt to Gaza but were forced to stay an extra day in Cairo because the crossing was closed.

Podur said he received a call from Loubani around 10 p.m. local time in Cairo and he said he and Greyson were being arrested. There have been no updates on the men's whereabouts.

- Egyptian Christians targeted in violence

Hundreds of people have been killed across Egypt in recent days in clashes between security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the latter seeking the reinstatement of deposed president Mohammed Morsi, toppled by the army on July 3 after mass demonstrations against him.

A cabinet meeting scheduled Sunday by the military-backed government will study the legal possibilities of once again banning the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, which has been outlawed for most of its 85-year history.

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