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Updated: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 09:43:35 GMT | By The Associated Press, cbc.ca

Apple's Mac Pro desktop computer goes on sale

Apple's new Mac Pro is available for order starting today. Apple

Apple's new Mac Pro is available for order starting today. Apple

Apple started taking orders for its high-end Mac Pro desktop computer today.

The black, cylinder-shaped machine is being assembled in Austin, Texas, the first Apple device to be partially made domestically as part of the company's pledge to move manufacturing of an existing Mac line to the U.S.

The Mac Pro, long considered a work horse among graphics and film professionals, is now a cylindrical device one-eighth the volume of the previous, boxy model and is about 25 centimetres tall. The lowest-end quad-core version starts at $3,099 in Canada, the six-core version starts at $4,099, and eight- and 12-core versions are also available. The computer can also be configured with more memory and other attributes.

Apple isn't making the Pro available for immediate pick up at a retail store. Customers must order online or at a store for delivery or store pickup. Initial orders will be shipped right away, but backups of days or weeks are possible.

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