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Updated: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 11:01:27 GMT | By The Canadian Press, cbc.ca

B.C. Mountie says RCMP seeking to dismiss her

B.C. Mountie says RCMP seeking to dismiss her

A Mountie whose harassment complaints against the RCMP prompted legislation to modernize so-called bad apples within the force says her employer is moving to dismiss her.

Cpl. Catherine Galliford says she received a letter saying the RCMP is seeking to discharge her because she's unable to do her job.

Galliford, who has filed a civil lawsuit against the RCMP alleging years of bullying and sexual abuse, has been on sick leave since 2006.

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On Saturday, Galliford told CBC News she considered the letter "a blessing."

"My problem with the RCMP is that I am too sick to seek future employment at this time," Galliford said. "And that's why I look at the situation and I think, maybe if I separated myself from the RCMP that I can perhaps move forward. So that's why I consider the letter somewhat of a blessing for me."

The Mountie who was a spokeswoman for investigations like the Robert Pickton and the Air India bombings cases said the dismissal process will involve a medical board hearing.

Galliford said Mounties who have also alleged harassment against the force have received similar intent-to-discharge letters and she worried other officers on sick leave may feel pressured to go back to work too soon.

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The RCMP was not immediately available for comment, but in a statement of defence filed a year ago the force denied Galliford's allegations of sexual harassment and bullying spanning nearly two decades.

Those allegations have not been tested in court.

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