H1N1 vaccine as safe as seasonal flu shot: WHO

The World Health Organization has ruled out swine flu vaccine as a reason for the death of 41 people who had received the flu shot.

WHO vaccines chief Marie-Paule Kieny said Thursday that investigations are continuing into several more deaths.

"No new safety issue has been identified from reports issued to date," Kieny told a teleconference from the UN health agency's headquarters in Geneva.

"Reporting so far reconfirms that the pandemic flu vaccine is as safe as the seasonal flu vaccine."

WHO spokeswoman Nyka Alexander said the national authorities examined the 41 deaths in six countries.

Kieny said one out of 10,000 vaccinations results in an adverse reaction and of those one in 20 are serious.

Millions of people have been vaccinated worldwide.

As of last week at least 6,000 swine flu-related deaths were reported. In Canada, provinces and territories have reported 235 such deaths since the spring.

Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada's chief public health officer, told the Commons health committee that he received his H1N1 shot on Wednesday in Ottawa.